Hi there. My name is David Higgins, and I am a Web Developer. Web Developer who specializes in full-stack development. I am also a Hobbyist Hacker. Hobbyist Hacker which means I tear the wings off software and have a delightful time reading vast amounts of technical documentation. I also love automating everything away. If I've ever done anything repetitively on a computer, you can be sure I've written a script/program to automate it. I like to Blog Blog about many things, I also Collect links. Collect links, and organize them on a site called Devlinks. I maintain a site called Codepirates. Codepirates, which is a public repository of Open Source libraries hosted on a CDN. I curate a collection of jQuery Plugins. jQuery plugins on a site called The Handpicked jQuery Plugins Repository. I experiment with Code. Code in my free time, and like to put any experiments on Github. I am a keen designer. designer, and should be teaching Photoshop at universities. I dabble in Illustrator too. You can see my work on the Dribbble. I love to code websites in CSS. CSS which is my second language (Sometimes I dream in CSS at night). All the CSS for this site was hand-crafted and not hacked together. I am a huge perfectionist. In general, I think I've been Lucky. Lucky. Although I also think my life could be better. I am looking to work on exciting projects that are going places. Why not contact me with your proposal? I am based in Dublin. Dublin which is home to a bubbling tech community.

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● Currently online. Do you need a hand with something? ● Currently online. Do you need a hand with something? Great! Contact me by phone or E-mail me. I am also available on TELNIC.

Telephone: +353 86 220 2839

The projects below are non-commercial contributions towards the Open Web. They do not reflect my client work, or any freelance work.


Effin Toolset

A collection of handy Web Developer tools you can use in your projects. This is a forever shifting project where new tools get added frequently. If you're building web-apps or websites, consult this first!

Handpicked jQuery

A curated collection of excellent jQuery plugins for the jQuery connoisseur. Not your mother's assortment of plugins. Powered by MaxCDN's powerful CDN tecnhology.


The greatest collection of Web Development links you will find out there. Continually updated, categorised, and lovingly presented.

Unicode Tools

A collection of tools for working with Unicode (UTF-8) in the browser.

The Code Pirates

A CDN (Content Delivery Network), and second home for all the best Github repositories.


Experiments and scraps of code.












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